M O N T R E A L - Q U E B E C - C A N A D A


Podium Coupe Quebec DH3 2008 Anse Saint-Jean

Photo : Sébastien Desbordes

1er - Olivier Laprade (Opus/OGC)

After getting back from the Quebec Cup in L'Anse-St-Jean last night at 1h30 AM, I will stop by the office this morning to empty the team stuff and will take the rest of the day off.

The team had good showing this weekend. On a new race course we had a couple of podiums.

In senior elite men, Jonathan Boulanger
(Opus/OGC) after coming back from a back injury got second. Marc-André Daigle, Louis Boissinot sub rep, got third and Léni Trudel (Opus/OGC) got fourth. All three rode their Stakh 1 without problems.

In senior elite women, Caroline Villeneuve
(Opus/OGC) got a commanding lead right from the start to her second win off the season. Caroline was happy with her Stakh 1 she was feeling super good in the technical stuff this weekend.

In Junior mens, Jonathan Boucher
(Opus/OGC), after coming back from the Worlds Championships, put in a super ride for is second win off the season. He caught all the way to the fourth place in elite men, they had left 2 minutes earlier from start line. Steve Caillé (Opus/OGC) on is part got fifth place.

In junior women, Andréanne Pichette
(Opus/OGC), rode a good race and got third. She was happy with her race and was feeling good after crossing the finish line. THe form is getting back after a rough season start.

On my part I had two downhill races on Sunday in master expert categorie. I manage to get both wins with a pretty big margin over the second place finisher. Track conditions were just nasty with a tone of rain during the week and weekend. It was mud all over the place and big hole everywhere. In the end I got 14 second gap in the first race and 24 second in the second race over second place.

It was a pretty good weekend for team Opus/OGC with 7 medals. Next round is Canadian
Championships in Mont-Sainte-Anne in 3 weeks.

Olivier Laprade

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