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Fhast I - Kiara Bisaro

Premières impressions de Kiara Bisaro, championne canadienne olympique à propos du nouveau vélo de montagne Opus Fhast I

"The new Fhast I is incredible. I love it! Sylvain got it set up for me yesterday and after making a few adjustments I took it out. It has been a long time since I have been mtbing. I was a bit unsure how it was going to go. For the first hour I was a bit sloppy and needed a few attempts to get used to the new fork. There are a lot of big logs here so it is important to be able to ride over them if you want flow. I am still having a bit of trouble on anything over 50cm but overall it came back quickly. The bike is super responsive. It climbs really well and is great in the corners. After the first ride I can say I love it. It is tough to get on a new bike and be able to say that! So things are great beyond my expectations."

Kiara Bisaro

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