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Sea Otter Classic XC

photo : JC Desforges

Hi everyone,

After yesterday's first stage of the Sea Otter classic with the Time Trial, a 5 minutes event in which Kiara was hoping to minimize the losses (very short\intense effort like short track or even more Time Trial are not where Kiara shines...) she did 15th place in a field of 45 riders.

After the event she confessed she was a little bit disappointed since she had spent the whole winter working on shorter, more intense training hoping to improve this weakness... but the other races with the Time Trial and especially the Cross Country coming up would better suit her.

Today was the Time Trial, this event would stretch over about 45 to 50 minutes on a short 2-3 km course. With pouring rain for a few hours before the race the course got really muddy and slippery. Conditions favouring Kiara who spend some time riding the technical trails in BC in the off season.

Luckily a small break in the showers let the start take place under more interesting conditions. Quickly enough, the siren went off they went. Kiara finished the first lap roughly in 15th place as starts are not her forte.

By middle of the race she had moved up to 6th place and was looking at home on the slippery grass slopes. While looking pretty good(with the smile on!) Kiara kept pushing and finished an amazing 3rd place by race end!

After a 50 minute effort, all covered in mud, the smile in Kiara's face was coming from a strong feeling of happiness after her first ever podium in a Time trial... riding an Opus MTB!

JC Desforges
Outdoor Gear Canada

Opus bikes
MTB Brand Manager

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