M O N T R E A L - Q U E B E C - C A N A D A



Hello Ville St Laurent,

We were very pleased to see that the Opus-OGC provencial Team did well at the 1st Canada cup and Happy to see that Caroline Villeneuve and Andreanne Pichette were on the Podium.

We are back in our base camp at my parents place in Montolieu, south of France after a trip to switzerland for the swiss power cup. Kiara had an okay day and tha competition was hard, but she manage to put in a hard effort and did an amazing job. She was on the Podium again.

The Fhast 1 has already made some podium (USA, France, Spain, Switzerland) and I hope that Opus start to be known a bit more here in Europe, we are working on it.

We are planning to go to Italy this week end to race a class 1 to get UCI points.
It will put us on the way to germany and everybody is racing a lot, so, Kiara need to move up in the international ranking (she's 56 today). that's the race we are planning to go to.

I will keep you posted on that.
Hope everything is going well.
Have a good day


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