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Open de Espana Maxxis in Ager (Lleida)

photo : Sylvain Badia

Hi From South of France at OGC
Some fresh news from the week end:

Team Opus’s Kiara BISARO wins the Open de Espana Maxxis in Ager (Lleida)

Kiara Bisaro Team Opus raced the third event of the Open de Espana Maxxis in Ager (Lleida) on the 6th of May and managed to win this race with a comfortable advance on a Spanish field of women racers in the great area of the Noguera region, in the Catalan Pyrenees.
3 laps on a 10,1 Km race track and 1h37:55 later Kiara crossed the finish line on her Opus Fhast 1 with a large gap on the second and third Spanish racer that apparently didn’t recognized Kiara on the start line and didn’t react when Kiara attacked after less than 2 Km in the race.
Kiara continues her Racing European Tour Sunday in Switzerland the swisspower cup in Hasliberg. In between she is training in Montolieu (Aude) under the sun of South of France.

1 Kiara Bisaro Team Opus 1:37:55
2 Rocio Gamonal Ferrera a 05:16 TOSCAF-BH SUNTOUR
3 Cristina Mascarreras Sabria a 05:55 SPIUK-TAU CERAMICA
4 Ruth Moll Marques a 06:14 TOSCAF-BH SUNTOUR
5 Anna Villar Argente a 06:30 MASSI
6 Sandra Santanyes Murillo a 07:05 MASSI
7 Mercé Tusell Quevedo a 11:13 MASSI
8 Sandra Ramos Araujo a 12:12 BT TRILHOS
9 Ursula Serrano Pimentel a 13:38 14 CEMELORCA
10 Mercè Pacios Pujado a 21:20 13 BICISPRINT-DOLSART
11 Mª Del Mar Sancho Bauza a 32:22 MASSI
12 Vanessa Fernandez Vidueira -1 lap VILLAROSA CC
13 Rocio Martín Rodríguez -2laps SPECIALIZED

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