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Hello Opus

Hello Opus

Hope everything is going well for you in Montreal
I didn’t keep in touch with you lately but I will try to keep you posted on what is going on with the European branch of Opus Bike.

We are right now in Germany preparing for the second round of the world cup on a very selective and elitist course.
Things are going well and we are working a lot on Kiara’s back to make sure the pain is not coming back. A French osteopath that treat Kiara since last year gave me tips and movement to do on her to help and it seems to work.

The new Opus Fhast 1 raced is second race last week end and things are good.
It took us some time to find the same position as last year because the geometry change quite a lot from Kiara’s special Fhast 1 from last year. The top tube is very long and the seat tube also, but with plumb line and good tape measure and try, we managed to find the good position for Kiara and the bike respond really well to kiara’s solicitation, and believe me, she will ask it for a lot this week end.

Since we are around since more than a year now, people and the international bike scene is used to the Opus brand and that is nice to be recognise as Team Opus.
I have attached a few pictures from Germany where we are riding in vineyard to get to the race site.it’s quite a lovely area.

Keep in touch

Sylvain & Kiara

you can see the last 2 article about Kiara on Canadian websites: http://www.pedalmag.com/index.php?module=Section&action=viewdetail&item_id=12991 http://www.pedalmag.com/index.php?module=Section&action=viewdetail&item_id=13119

You can watch the race on internet , it’s in live, so probably to early on :
It’s a French website but you should be able to find it : retransmission de la coupe du monde XCO a Offenburg.

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