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First look at the Clutch

NSMB a taking a first look at the Opus Clutch.

" Last summer while on vacation in Nelson, I had the opportunity to try out Opus’s “Nelson” (I’m not making this up). I was pretty impressed and it made me curious about the rest of their line. Opus sent out a 2011 Clutch for testing this spring. "

" The Clutch has also proven an able climber so far, but the tall front end combined with the light fork makes for some front wheel wandering on steep climbs. However, with some weight shifting, the Clutch motors up technical descents and settles in on longer climbs well. "

" I'm quite pleased with this bike so far.  I've got plenty of time to put the Clutch through its paces. Once I'm done you'll be hearing from me again.  "

To read the full article, visit:  www.nsmb.com

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