M O N T R E A L - Q U E B E C - C A N A D A


First Prize Goes to...The Girl on the Opus Nix

The afternoon would bring the Preston Street Crits and Anna Sierra was going to race the 100m dash.  Derek had her practice sprinting down our street, shifting gears and stomping on her pedals so that she'd be ready for the madness that is piles of kids riding together.  Jasper thought about racing too, but changed his mind and decided he would cheer his sister on instead.  He's a good cheerer, that Jasper.
Photo: ©Kathleen Wilker

After a briefing from their coach, the bigger kids took off.  I meant to take pictures of her glorious moment, but I got so excited when I saw Anna Sierra riding that I just cheered.  She's a fantastic little rider and gives it her all, but I think her super light Opus Nix, with its quick, easy and smooth shifting, helped too.

Pulling ahead of the kids beside her, Anna Sierra was first across the finish.  We all ran out to hug her and just kept on grinning while she accepted her trophy.

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