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Opus Fhast Carbon racing in Europe

Mike Garrigan from Team Jetpower (coach)

So just a little update, cool races here so far! This past weekend was a
complete 180 compared to racing in Ireland last weekend. Ireland was a very relaxed event. Almost no start-finish area to be seen, super technical course with one long climb and one long decent per lap with 6 laps.

Finished 5th with a rear flat in the first lap, I think that’s my first
racing flat in some time. 1:50 minutes change judging by the lap times. Still got my butt kicked by the front runners though!! Made some new friends so I'm happy!

Yesterday raced in Hungary... OK!! Crazy hot! Warmed up with icepacks all
over my body, I think this was a good plan, until the race was postponed for 45 minutes due to start order woes...

After call up I don’t think they really had the start order figured out as
I was near the back, Haha good times. Raced a little too aggressively up to 9th on the first lap out of 10 and had a mini blow up due to going too hard.

The course was short. 10 minutes laps on a VERY bumpy farm field. They must
have cut it with a lawn mower the day beforehand, there was ZERO singletrack!! I mean the tape narrowed in a little on some large tractor ruts!

Just a small rise in a field we zig zagged up and down 5.5 times per lap.
Everything else was Pro with UCI points and prize money. Urban area for start finish, showers, etc..

For sure my new bench mark as to what to compare an un-enjoyable course
too. Haha enough of the negative though haha.

Anyways, I never quite made it to the front group of 7 who where rolling
along nicely. After my blow up I was back out of the top 10 (top 10 are UCI points for C2, and that’s what I’m here for!!) I actually thought about pulling out at one point!! Was finding it especially hard, so hot and so not fun at the time... Sometimes you have to look at yourself from an outside perspective. Realize you’re not going to die, you're a bike racer, you're going to keep going, and there is no other options... (I really didn’t want to) long story short, caught a few guys in the last 4 laps, finished 8th.

Got some points and a massage with some of my 65 Euros winnings (one hour
massage was 12 euro!).

Off to Croatia this week for some training and enjoying the sea. Then
Slovenia race next weekend. I'll tell you guys about the back issues later. Make sure to keep up with your stretching, especially when your traveling!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon! I'll be online lots this week!


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