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Ryan Taylor's blog

I wanted to take some time and give a shout out to some of my sponsors. One of them being Opus Bikes. I've had a lot of random sponsors over the years. Some good, some not so good. Sponsors that gave stuff for free, others who provided things I had to pay for.

Last year as travel increased, I needed some new bikes and some support. There wouldn't be a way I could afford to travel and buy my bikes along with clothing and all that stuff. I asked Jared at Smooth Cycle if he thought Opus would be in for a sponsorship for 07. He called the rep Terry Tomlin to see what he thought.

Without any regional results (I was in BC), and not having talked to Terry in years, he was full on aboard. I mentioned that I wouldn't be in the Maritimes very much as I was looking for more National results (this bites Terry as he is an East Coast rep). No matter he said and within a few phone calls I had a team kit, helmet, and the best most ridiculous deal I've ever seen given on a bike that wasn't free. Needless to say I was pretty impressed that Opus and Terry put that much faith me for a unproven return.

The year went by, and I tried to be in the East Coast as much as possible to fly the flag. For the most part, the season went ok. After a year of not racing consistently I had some good results. But one thing that I really appreciated was the support from a Canadian company.

I feel I can really appreciate Opus Bike as opposed to any other brand because I've seen them both from a racer's point of view, who spends his life on a bike, and also as a salesman. Opus being a Canadian company, based out of Montreal makes it hit a little bit closer to home. Not to mention they are a great riding bike, and they tend to be 2/3 cheaper than your Treks, Cannondales, Specialized with similar parts packages.

Jared once told me that of all the bikes he's ridden (shop owner) the Opus was the best riding roadie hes had. I can attest to that as the Fhast (even though I haven't been on it this year) is top 2 MTB bikes I've ridden. Next to my beloved Surly 1x1.

This year the support continues with Opus. Terry and the crew have again given me great support with the possibility of minimal return. I'm riding for a team in BC (hence their team kit/sponsors) but I mentioned I was worn thin when it comes to clothing. Terry said it was no problem and I now have my boots filled with enough Opus clothes to get me through the year.

Even after these legs stop spinning with racing intentions. I can definitely see myself rocking the Opus brand.

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