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Big wheels keep on turning

Opus Avro I 2007

2008 Opus Avro 29er - What is all the fuss about.

We have been riding and admiring 29ers for years and love their stable ride and the way they eat up the bumps. They are certainly not as moto as their 26" fully suspended (little) brother, but what they do well, they do very well.

What's the big deal with the big wheel?
  • The big wheel has a shallower angle of attack (it makes objects smaller)
  • The big wheel carries more momentum (very efficient)
  • The big wheel is more compliant (softer up and down)
  • The big wheel has a larger tread patch on the ground (better traction)
  • The longer wheel base gives a more stable (and compliant) ride
  • The lower center of gravity (BB lower relative to axles) gives a more stable ride and makes going over the bars a real challenge.
  • And best of all, the big wheels look really cool!
29ers 4 ever!

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